Selling Online: Why conscious commerce is the secret to success

In an increasingly crowded e-commerce market, success is not always guaranteed by merely setting up your business online. Competition has become fierce from both, the big players like Amazon and new entrants with very sophisticated e-commerce strategies. Also, it does not help that consumers are now quite savvy and very particular about how they spend their dollars.

How to set up an online store that will thrive

Startup stories begin with hope and a desire to change the world. Most entrepreneurs launch their e-commerce businesses either to fill a gap they have perceived in the market or to provide products and services that they want but are mostly unavailable. Creating an online business is often driven by a vision, passion and grounded in personal beliefs and values. This, however, does not guarantee that a business will not be choked out by the competition even before it makes a single stride.

Many e-commerce experts agree that a critical strategy to differentiating your presence in the market is authenticity in branding. Branding is a fundamental factor that influences a customer’s decisions. Customers choose brands that either match their self-image or ideal self-concept authentically. This is why established brands like Chanel use personas like Nicole Kidman for example, to bring their brands to life. For an entrepreneurial brand, you can build brand authenticity that resonates with your customers yourself without involving external personas. 

Building authenticity through conscious commerce

Being authentic in today’s market means tapping into your customer’s psyche and help them find meaning beyond the products or services on offer. Customers, especially the younger ones, have in recent years, become very particular about their brands of choice. The concept of sustainability is at prominence. Factors such as eco-friendliness, treatment of employees and community engagement of a brand largely influence customer’s shopping decisions. To develop, a brand has to do good.


To succeed in selling products online, you have to develop a socially responsible brand with clear positions on issues and alignment with causes and initiatives that match the overall brand purpose. This can bolster consumer engagement and inevitably increase sales. At a time when so many online brands are emerging, and e-commerce giants like Walmart are looking to control more of the online market, commitment to social responsibility can be what helps your online business thrive.

Building your brand personality through social engagement

Efforts to promote sustainability like manufacturing or sourcing eco-friendly products, supporting causes you believe in like child hunger or giving back to the society in a meaningful way are effective ways to display your brand’s personality. However, in addition to making genuine efforts, you have to get your brand’s personality to the public sphere. You achieve this through social engagement.

In addition to displaying your products, you need to voice your opinions. Create a section on your website for real reviews and testimonials where you can actively engage your customers. Use social media to showcase your brand voice. The world is changing rapidly, and opportunities and challenges are continually evolving. Share your readers, insightful opinion pieces about social issues relevant to your brand and the causes it supports.

Do not be afraid to show a little bit of yourself. Highlight your face and the faces of people behind your organization as this displays confidence in your own brand. It reassures your customers of your commitment and emboldens them to join your cause. The trick to successful social engagement is to be unafraid of taking bold stands against things that you believe are not good for your customers. You cannot please everyone. You can only zero in on your target market and assert your dominance.

Efforts towards conscious commerce are not just useful in refining brand perception; they are very useful for creating long-term customer loyalty. It is the secret to successfully selling products Online.