Sell Online Like a Pro: Guide for Marketplace Sellers

Sell Online Like a Pro

The most frequent question asked by sellers is “How can I sell more?” or “What are the tips and tricks to sell more? “

This article is for those people who are keen to sell on marketplaces but unaware of how to take a start. They somehow believe that marketplace is responsible for the ultimate result of sales. However, the marketplace is no more than only a platform to meet demands, forgetting that success is in their own hands as marketplaces are not sellers but provide a medium to do so. Some people believe that selling online is a skill rather than science. Instead it mathematically depends on two elements; one is how many visitors and other is how much site traffic is observed, numbers of sales are directly related with the increase of these two factors.


  • It refers to the percentage of visitors that eventually result in a purchase. First of all, when a visitor arrives at your site, avail it and convert him/her into a potential customer to multiply that single visit.
  • Keep the profit margin at right pace not too much high that show you greedy and hence you would also loose the good selling time and releasing your stock at negative margin instead.
  • To build your name in market and gain trust from consumers, keep in mind to set the upright price from the very start, locate and grow your set-up in the market.
  • Through e-commerce, the repute of any marketplace can be judged in a minute. While aiming to make long term profits and ranking, initialize with setting up right price for the product, ensure to deliver high quality products with a cooperative and user-friendly customer support.
  • E-commerce, being competitive in nature, be aware of your competitors in the market, what they are offering, check their selling rates, look for market trends, needs of your clients too and then finally set your selling price to sell the most.
  • Avail the great time of beneficial offers and visits likely to happen on holiday season like black Friday and other events.


  • While selling online, the product page of your site speaks for you. A well described product description with a clear image of product specifying all the details to grab the focus of customer is prone to more sales. Also product page having good content are also capable to attain higher rank in search engines.
  • Never hesitate to experiment in expanding your business. You can use multiple marketplaces instead of single to sell your stock rapidly.
  • Keep updating your product catalog and enlisting them.